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Ryan Kirgan’s latest tips for using Microsoft Excel®.

Creating Dynamic Named Ranges in Excel® using OFFSET & COUNTA

Following on from Creating Named Ranges in Excel®, this blog post describes how to create dynamic named ranges. If you’re not familar with named ranges, I’d really suggest google searching “named ranges in excel” or read the post linked to above. As mentioned many times on this site, named ranges are really useful, however there […]

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Creating Named Ranges in Excel®

Named ranges are great. They allow the user to define a cell range with a single text-descriptor. For example, you could define the cell range of $A$1:$G$1 as the string “headings” and every time you wanted to refer to that cell range (in, say, a formula) you use the string “headings” instead. I’ve alluded to […]

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Matching data in a table in Excel® using INDEX and MATCH – a VLOOKUP alternative

This post describes how you can use the INDEX() and MATCH() functions to look up data in a matrix. Background to VLOOKUP() Many users are familar with the VLOOKUP() (vertical lookup) function that simply looks up a value in the leading column of a table and returns the value in another specified column of the […]